An apicectomy is a procedure that the removes the end of the root of the tooth (the apex). It is indicated when infection or periapical cysts persist following a successful root canal treatment. If your OMFS surgeon thinks that the root canal treatment is inadequate, this might need to be repeated before an Apicectomy can be performed.

This procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic. Your OMFS surgeon will numb the tooth and the gums. An incision is made on the gums, and removing bone with a bur accesses the tip of the tooth. The tip of the root (apex) is cut back by few millimetres. Any granulomas or infected tissues are removed. Sometimes a small filling is placed in the root to seal the end of the tip. The gums are sutured back together into place using dissolvable stitches.

As one might expect, removing part of the root of the tooth might weaken the tooth support and cause some mobility on the tooth. Your OMFS surgeon will discuss these risks accordingly prior to the procedure.